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Rick Pullen on How He Went From Old School Editor to Digital Age Best Selling Novelist

Before 2011, Rick Pullen's career was all journalism: investigative reporter for different newspapers and later inventive magazine editor. The two roles in the same business exposed his two sides: he thrives on the thrill of an investigation, and he has a creative curiosity for design and writing he has never tamed. In 2011 he merged the two and started writing fiction. In 2016 he published his bestselling political thriller, NAKED AMBITION.

THE APPRENTICE, a serial with novice reporter Tish Woodward, was published in December 2017. NAKED TRUTH, a sequel to NAKED AMBITION, followed in September 2018. NAKED TRUTH is another thriller with newspaper reporter Beck Rikki again on the trail. In this fascinating conversation, Rick shares insight into what it took to produce and successfully publish these novels and many of the challenges that he confronted and successfully managed along the way. Take a listen.

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